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Application for Operation of Distributed Generation

INFORMATION: This application is used by the Cooperative to determine the required equipment configuration for the Member interface.  Every effort should be made to supply as much information as possible.

Corn Belt Energy contact for application submission and for more information:

Engineering Department
1 Energy Way | Bloomington, IL 61705
phone 309-662-5330 | fax 309.663.4516

For additional help, contact us here

Distributed Generation Application

Owner/Applicant Information

Mailing Address
Mailing Address

Project Design/Engineering (as applicable)

Electrical Contractor (as applicable)

Estimated Load, Generator Rating and Mode of Operation Information

Description of Proposed Installation and Operation

Inverter Data (if applicable)

Additional Information

In addition to the items listed above, please attach a detailed one-line diagram of the proposed facility, all applicable elementary diagrams, major equipment, (generators, transformers, inverters, circuit breakers, protective relays, etc.) specifications, test reports, etc., and any other applicable drawings or documents necessary for the proper design of the interconnection. Also describe the project's planned operating mode (e.g., combined heat and power, peak shaving, etc.), and its address or grid coordinates.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

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The member agrees to provide the Cooperative with any additional information required to complete the interconnection. The customer shall operate his equipment within the guidelines set forth by the Cooperative.
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