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Establish Service

New Service Guidelines

Establishing new electric service is an integral step in your new construction project. You can help us move forward by familiarizing yourself with the policies detailed in the PDF below. We can proceed with construction after your site has been properly prepared according to the standards we’ve outlined.  

Considerable effort is involved in building an electric distribution system. We will attempt to provide this service in a timely manner, all the way from field investigations, system design, project cost estimates, easement, permit and material acquisitions, to construction and meter installation. Costs and charges are evaluated annually.

Applying for Service

Please call us at 309-662-5330 during normal business hours to initiate your new service request.  

Prior to digging, members are responsible for contacting JULIE at 8-1-1 or 1-800-892-0123 for locating all underground facilities. Learn more at www.illinois1call.com.

In planning new facilities or modification of existing facilities, Corn Belt Energy will provide field meetings with the member or their representative to discuss their electrical requirements. Corn Belt will prepare cost estimates for a line extension or modification to our distribution system as promptly as possible.

All charges for a line extension, modification to Corn Belt Energy’s distribution system or relocation must be paid prior to construction.