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Agreement for Participation in Prepaid Program

Agreement for Participation in Prepaid Program

The undersigned, (hereinafter called the “Member”) hereby applies for participation in the Prepaid Electric Service Program (or “PES”) offered to active Members of Corn Belt Energy Corporation (hereinafter call the “Cooperative”), and agrees with the Cooperative to the following terms and conditions:

If a Member changes any of the contact information (i.e. email address, phone number) provided on this agreement, it is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Cooperative of any such changes immediately. It is the Member’s responsibility to manage their own communication devices.

Service Address
Service Address
  1. I understand the difference between PES and traditional service and I am voluntarily requesting PES from the Cooperative.
  2. I acknowledge I am solely responsible to regularly monitor the balance of my prepaid account. I may check daily account balances via the “SmartHub” app, or by calling the Cooperative, or at the Cooperative’s website. I also agree that I am responsible for any cellular telephone or texting charges incurred due to daily notifications.
  3. I understand it is my responsibility to sign up to receive alerts regarding my prepaid account(s) via my choice of email, text message, or both. This can be done after opening an online account with Corn Belt Energy at www.cornbeltenergy.com.
  4. I understand my electric service will be subject to disconnection, without any notification from the Cooperative, once there is no longer a credit balance on my account. Disconnections will occur at approximately 11:00 AM on Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays and other office closures. To avoid disconnect, payments must be made by 10:00 AM on that day. To restore service, any negative balance must be paid in addition to any amounts specified in the PES policy of the Cooperative. Account balance must result in at least $20.00 credit for service to be reconnected.
  5. As participating Member, I understand that no monthly billing statement will be mailed to me. When account balances are less than $20.00, prepaid Members will be notified by selected option: email, text, or none. It is solely the Member’s responsibility to provide the Cooperative with correct contact information for these notice messages. It is not the Cooperative’s responsibility to verify that the notice message was delivered nor will the Cooperative refrain from disconnecting service if it cannot deliver the notice message due to insufficient or incorrect information. If no notification option is selected, the prepaid Member will be responsible for checking remaining balances online and will be subject to disconnection if balance is less than $0.
  6. Payments can be made at the office or by phone during normal business hours, anytime online at www.Cornbeltenergy.com, or via the SmartHub app.
  7. I understand that I am not eligible for participation in this program if I or anyone dwelling at the residence where this service is requested have a preexisting medical condition which requires constant electric service. I agree to notify the Cooperative and discontinue participation in the program if such a medical condition develops with anyone dwelling at this location. Such medical conditions are those verified by a valid illness certificate issued by the treating physician of the Member or other person dwelling at the residence. I understand that normal connection policies will apply (including deposits if applicable) for the resumption of traditional service.
  8. Any charges incurred by the Cooperative as a result of insufficient fund checks/electric fund transfers, returned credit card payments and the like shall be applied immediately to the account balance, and may result in disconnection of service if there is a zero balance or balance due.
  9. Members wishing to participate in PES are subject to all the terms defined in the PES policy including payment of past-due or current balances.
  10. If a Member’s prepaid account is $0.00 or less the Cooperative will disconnect the Member’s electric service at any time of the year. The Member waives rights under the “Cold Weather Rule” as described in Cooperative Policy 200-1. Cold weather will not prevent disconnection.
  11. Service will be reconnected upon receipt of payment for the outstanding balance plus a minimum prepayment as defined in the PES Policy to be credited toward future energy use.
  12. Member understands that a remote disconnect/reconnect switch will be installed. Any metering that does not accept the remote disconnect is ineligible for PES.
  13. The Cooperative reserves the right to remove any Member from PES at any time. The Cooperative reserves the right to modify or end this program at any time.
  14. The Cooperative shall be held harmless from any damages due to loss of energy services, or during the reconnection of service, as a result of participating in the PES Program.
  15. A Member electing PES assumes full responsibility, holds harmless and indemnifies Corn Belt Energy from any liability for any consequences, including but not limited to personal injury, death, or property damage, stemming from actions the Member may undertake or cause to be undertaken or from failure on the part of the Member to make timely purchases of electricity in order to maintain uninterrupted electric service.
  16. Following the mandatory minimum participation period (12 months), members may return to traditional billing. Such accounts will be subject to normal deposit procedures and will be required to pay any unpaid balances.
  17. Members electing PES remain subject to all Cooperative bylaws, rules and regulations, and policies except where specifically superseded by provisions in this Agreement.
  18. The PES policy and this agreement are subject to change from time-to-time with approval from the Cooperative’s Board of Directors.

I have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement for Participation in the Prepaid Electric Service Program.

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