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 Your own backyard has the potential to be an energy source for comfortably and affordably heating and cooling your home.

A geothermal heating and cooling system takes advantage of the stable year-round temperature found a few feet beneath the ground. The system circulates a water-based solution through a buried loop system, providing high efficiency. A single piece of HVAC equipment has the ability to keep your home comfortable all year long in addition to providing some or all of your hot water needs.

Geothermal systems can save you 30 – 70% on your monthly utility bills and installation is more affordable than ever with local incentive programs.

If you already have geothermal and are considering replacing your existing geothermal with a new geothermal system, be sure to purchase a system with an electric backup and you will qualify for a $750 rebate. Click here for the rebate form.



Corn Belt Energy is excited to announce our GeoCents program. This program will pay to have the geothermal loops (the outside loops that go into a member’s yard) installed at a members home. In turn the member will pay a monthly fee to be able to utilize the loops.

Corn Belt Energy will do an initial face-to-face meeting explaining all of the program details and a review of the interested participant’s current heating and cooling system. All participants must utilize a certified HVAC contractor and geothermal looper for installation. Both new construction or retrofits qualify for the program.

Corn Belt Energy will provide the following as a part of this program:

  • $1100/vertical ton & the member will pay $7/ton/month on their electric bill
  • $900/horizontal ton & the member will pay $6/ton/month on their electric bill
  • Corn Belt also has a $1500 rebate for the installation of a geothermal that utilizes electric as the backup


For additional information and a complete list of certified HVAC contractors, please contact us at 309-662-5330.

Corn Belt members with geothermal systems are eligible to receive our Electric Heat Rate.

Corn Belt Energy is a proud member of the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois.

Find a Geothermal Alliance dealer near you.

For more information, contact us at 309-662-5330.