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Electric Heat Rate

Electric Sub-meter Installation Diagram  | Residential Heat Rates

If your home utilizes an electric heat source (including geothermal) you can take advantage of Corn Belt Energy’s Electric Heat Rate of $0.0445/kWh (plus any additional current cost of power as indicated by the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment on your monthly statement).

All electric heat is sub-metered through equipment supplied by Corn Belt Energy and the Electric Heat Rate is applied to your sub-metered usage from October 1 through April 30.

This rate is applicable when a home is heated electrically from a hardwired 240 volt electric heat source. To see if you’re already receiving this rate, check for a Rate 10 or Rate 19 line item charge on your monthly statement.

When evaluating electric heat for your home, it is beneficial to check with your electrician to make sure your electric service has the capacity to handle the new heating equipment.Corn Belt Energy also advises members to call and speak with our Engineering department to review their electric service prior to the installation of their heating system.

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